Kitchen Sinks

We are still using the beautiful SS sink that came

with the house. It’s not a fancy one, by any means,

but it gets the job done, for the time being.

The Mr. has been  gently trying to persuade me

towards a certain sink but my heals are dug into the ground.

I don’t want a black sink.

I want a farmhouse sink.

 I haven’t found a new one that fits

the bill in my thick head because I’m being picky and

today’s “farmhouse” sinks are more of

an apron style, like this pretty one:

I would absolutely take this one in a minute but there’s something

about the old ones that keep me wanting one.

And, I would totally go for one like this one below because it reminds

me of my Gramma. They had one like this

at the cabin at Mille Lacs lake in MN, way back in the day.

♥ Good memories at that cabin ♥

What I have in mind:

I want a charming, vintage looking, something with a past, sink.

{insert husband’s eye roll}

Now, I’ve been eyeballing this old cast iron sink just laying in the dirt

in front of an old cattle barn for a year

{prolly more but that’s how long we’ve been here}

that is exactly what I want.

It’s a REAL farm house sink,

exactly like this one:

Its dirt neighbor is a cast iron tub

{not a claw foot, unfortunately},

both of which would have a mighty fine home

here at The French Pressed Home,

if you know what I mean!

This particular sink fits the bill for the look I want and they just don’t make them like this

anymore. It may definitely will need refinishing but for what it’s worth, who cares!

Wish me luck on finding the owner. I’ll keep ya posted!

{Hmm… I wonder if they’d notice if it was gone one day.}

Oh, you hush now.

xo, Amber

p.s. Thank you Pinterest for these lovely images!